Bag Filter for cement plant

cement1 A typical Kiln exhausts flue gas Bag Filter assembly

CES has developed a complete structural part of a bag filter system for one of their client in the past. The scope includes sizing of the support structure column, beam and braces and design validation of key elements through Finite Element Analysis. Detailed manufacturing drawings are exerted from 3D models and issued Material Take Off list (MTO) for procurement. There are 2880 filter bags having 200 mm in diameter in the assembly spread over an area 216m2.  Apart from main structure CES has developed walkway around pent house, access and working platforms, staircase structure and duct support structure for Bag filter unit.

Main Structure
Main structure consists of 12 welded steel column bolted with 36 welded horizontal steel beams. Further it bolted with steel tubular wind braces.  An extended cantilever platforms support by tubular braces is provided to rest the exhaust duct.

crement2 Bag Filter Main support structure

Hopper is made of 5mm thick steel sheet shaped as per design requirement. It is split in to various welded sections and joined with fasteners. Wind braces of tubular steel is bolted inside and vertical and horizontal L-profile is welded all around the hopper outer walls to give sufficient strength.

crement3 Hopper structure bolted assembly

Welded sturdy mounting bracket at 12 places at the top frame is bolted to main structure. In built Manholes and baffle are provided for easy maintenance.

Tube sheet
A tube sheet assembly is provided to hold the bags in place and cleaned periodically through air jet is shown below:

crement4 Tube sheet with air jets

Bag house and pent house
Bag house and pent house is made up of thin steel sheet panels and joined by fasteners to form side walls. Then all walls are bolted to Steel Tubular wind braces to required shape and size. A roof at the top and doors at the side wall of pent house is provided for easy access.

crement5Bag house and pent house bolted assembly

Access platform
At all levels a platform is provided along with staircase for easy access to various sections of baghouse.

crement6Platform and staircase

Exhaust Duct and duct support structure
To facilitate the exhaust fume out of the baghouse a duct system with support structure is provide as shown

crement7Duct and Duct support structure

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