Concept Design & Layout

Layout Design is a great engineering aid especially in the Process Industries where a large number of machines, equipment, utilities and processes are required to be put together. A geometrically correct and sufficiently detailed representation of bulk equipment, Piping & Instrumentation, Civil & Electrical works, Hydraulics & Pneumatics utilities provides an overview necessary for efficient project monitoring and helps avoid unnecessary clashes and interferences that are otherwise very difficult to control in a huge and complex turnkey project.

Thanks to the superior interfaces provided in many of the advance engineering CAD tools, designing layout has become a lot easier compared to the earlier cumbersome process of drawing them as basic geometrical entities. Cadtrium uses a number of CAD packages for detailed and quick Layout Design but the choice is always dictated by customer’s preference. A list of the packages can be found under resources.

We also make Concept Designs for full or partial engineering project based on customer’s specific requirements and inputs. The final output is delivered to the customer in the form of Concept Design Document with representative 3D models, sketches, Calculation Sheets or Layout drawings embedded in it.

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