FEA (Finite Element Analysis) & Analytic Calculations

Be it Technological Structure, Machine Component or Process Equipment, every new design needs to be checked for Strength, Stability, Geometrical fitment, Fatigue or with respect to any other special requirements. At the request of the customer, we carry out Static, Dynamic, Vibration or Thermal analyses using either analytical or Finite Analysis Methods.

We have used various International Standards such as AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF STEEL CONSTRUCTION (AISC), VDI and UIC for our Analytic and FEA Calculations. But any country or application specific procedural requirements with regard to Loads, Materials, Welding standards etc can also be complied with, if specified.

The Analytic Calculations Sheets or a formal & concise FEA report containing the crucial analysis parameters, materials specifications, analysis procedures and graphical representations of the final results with conclusions & suggested design changes are generally prepared at the request of the customer.


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