Food processing Equipments Design by CES

For one of its client in Europe CES has developed, Food Processing equipment, using advanced parametric software such as PRO-E to customize machines as per client requirement.

food1Blanching Machine

Blanchers are manufactured to meet individual customer needs. Capacities range from 1 to 30 t/h. Special versions for blanching machine design are also available for leaf vegetables such as spinach, and for cooking of rice and pasta.

 food2Blow Separator and Chiller

The Flow Separator is designed to separate light particles from heavier particles, e.g. leaves, sticks etc. from fruit and vegetables or shells from mechanically peeled cold water shrimp. The principle is to create airflow, which is powerful enough to blow the light particles away and keep the heavier parts in the main flow.

The flow separator for vegetables is equipped with: Axial fan, Safety guard in front of the fan, Air duct, to control and guide the air flow, mounted with inspection traps, Air hood, on top of the air duct, where foreign matters are collected. Small screw conveyor integrated in the air hood to remove foreign matters from the air hood.

food3Elevator and IBC Spinach sorter

food4Metal Detector & Roller Grader

It is used to pre-sort the shrimps into two grades in order to facilitate determination of the cooking time.

The grader consists of two through-going screws with increasing pitch (helix), one on each side. Horizontal stainless steel rollers are mounted between the two screws and connected by a stainless steel chain on each side. The rotating rollers gently transport and grade the product as the space between the rollers is progressively increased.

The grader is fitted with two longitudinally adjustable chutes, which are placed below the rollers to collect and discharge graded product onto conveyor belts. These chutes are used to determine the proportion between the two grades and they can be adjusted +/- 100 mm.

food6Inspection and sorting Conveyor system

food5Washing and blowing machine

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