Our Services

Mesh & Contact Generation

For customers looking for FEA models of an existing equipment / structure drawn in any 3D tool, we can also create appropriate Contacts and generate Finite Element Mesh of the model which can be used in any other simulation package. Ensuring proper contact types between the parts or members is particularly important if the CAD geometry as Shell Model is imported to the Simulation environment.

Simulation, Design verification & Optimization

We also have resources and expertise to verify and optimize the existing design of a machine or equipment. With the advent of advance simulation tools it’s become much easier now to evaluate the strength of load bearing members and predict the failure of a mechanical system with a high degree of precision. We can point out not only the areas with large stress concentration but also suggest the alternative ways to ensure that stress distribution across the system is uniform and reduced to minimum. Weight reduction of bulky mechanical and structural system is another high point of such optimization tools. In some cases manual calculations are also performed if the customer so desires.

Surface Modeling

Surface modeling is an excellent interface provided in almost all advance CAD tools and is used at Cadtrium extensively. One of the greatest advantages of the surfacing tool is its ability to create Shell Model of a relatively complex mechanical structure or equipment meant to be analyzed in an FEA package such as Ansys Workbench. With conventional Solid Model the Simulation time is just too long and sometime it may not even be possible to complete the analysis unless the hardware resources are greatly enhanced. In any case, the Shell Model produces better and faster results compared to Solid Models. Some easily moldable parts of complex geometrical shapes may not render themselves to be drawn to the desired precision level using standard solid modeling approach. This difficulty is overcome by drawing their contour as surface and then converts it to solid. Automotive or aviation parts with complex contours can ideally be modeled using the rich set of commands given in the surfacing environment of advance CAD tools.

Sheet-metal Part Modeling

A significant percentage of the projects undertaken by us involve Sheet-metal part modeling. Industries such as food-processing, Avionics, Transportation, Automobile and Material Handling (Silos, Hoppers etc) use large number of bend plates. The blank size of such plates needs to be drawn accurately in order to ensure proper shape and size of the folded items. The sheet-metal part modeling environment of the CAD tools enables the user not only to draw the part but also to make a much better 2D representation of the same.

Detail Engineering & Conversion

Many a times, some customers dealing with Plant or Material-Handling Equipment Design have Basic Engineering drawings or Layouts ready with them and the fabrication drawings of the equipment are sought to be produced. We have been executing such Detail Engineering projects regularly as most of our engineers have excellent exposure to Plant & Machinery design and have been involved with several International projects. We also carry out large data conversion projects which require the legacy data created in old 2D formats and drawings developed on board to be redrawn into latest CAD environments leading to a much better reusability of the earlier works.

Solid Modeling & Production Drawings

The product thus approved in design is developed incorporating all the necessary details, in a suitable 3D CAD package. Almost all the industry-standard advance CAD tools are used at Cadtrium. A list of such software is provided under resources section of this site. Once the 3D models of various parts and assemblies are ready, we send them to the customer for their last minute comments/changes or final approval. The detail manufacturing drawings are produced based on the approved 3D models. The Designers/Engineers employed for the purpose are all familiar with DIN, ISO or ANSI standards of drafting and an experienced team of Quality controllers would ensure that all 2D drawings contains all the relevant manufacturing information and is drawn in strict compliance with the specifications provided by the customer.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) & Analytic Calculations

Be it Technological Structure, Machine Component or Process Equipment, every new design needs to be checked for Strength, Stability, Geometrical fitment, Fatigue or with respect to any other special requirements. At the request of the customer, we carry out Static, Dynamic, Vibration or Thermal analyses using either analytical or Finite Analysis Methods. We have used various International Standards such as AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF STEEL CONSTRUCTION (AISC), VDI and UIC for our Analytic and FEA Calculations. But any country or application specific procedural requirements with regard to Loads, Materials, Welding standards etc can also be complied with, if specified. The Analytic Calculations Sheets or a formal & concise FEA report containing the crucial analysis parameters, materials specifications, analysis procedures and graphical representations of the final results with conclusions & suggested design changes are generally prepared at the request of the customer.

Concept Design & Layout

Layout Design is a great engineering aid especially in the Process Industries where a large number of machines, equipment, utilities and processes are required to be put together. A geometrically correct and sufficiently detailed representation of bulk equipment, Piping & Instrumentation, Civil & Electrical works, Hydraulics & Pneumatics utilities provides an overview necessary for efficient project monitoring and helps avoid unnecessary clashes and interferences that are otherwise very difficult to control in a huge and complex turnkey project. Thanks to the superior interfaces provided in many of the advance engineering CAD tools, designing layout has become a lot easier compared to the earlier cumbersome process of drawing them as basic geometrical entities. Cadtrium uses a number of CAD packages for detailed and quick Layout Design but the choice is always dictated by customer’s preference. A list of the packages can be found under resources. We also make Concept Designs for full or partial engineering project based on customer’s specific requirements and inputs. The final output is delivered to the customer in the form of Concept Design Document with representative 3D models, sketches, Calculation Sheets or Layout drawings embedded in it.