Rail Transport Equipment Design by CES

CES has also into the Rail Transport segment and provided design services to various clienteles in EUROPE for the development of Modular WC cabins, enclosure for modern Toilet systems in High speed trains. Some of the work carried out by CES is shown below:

rail-transport1Universal WC Cabin

 An alternate WC GRP cabin with wall mounted Toilet and Baby change table is shown below:

rail-transport2A typical GRP Cabin

Some of the assembly developed for Toilet system consists of Bowl, ventricle, water pressurizer, holding waste tank, control units are shown below:

rail-transport3Vacuum Toilet unit and Control unit

A typical Indian style toilet seat along with Vacuum control unit developed for Asian countries are shown below:

rail-transport4Pan type toilet for railways

A typical Waste tank consist of inlet pipe, outlet pipe, water jet pipe, baffles, level indicator, Cam lock arrangement and heater elements mounted below Rail Boogie is shown under:

rail-transport5Waste tank and Dummy model fitted with FRP cabins

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