Storage Tank

Welded Steel Storage tank as per API 650
The welded steel storage tank can be categorized in the following types based on its mounting such as:
–          Flat bottom tanks
–          Tanks Mounted on skirts
–          Tanks Mounted on legs

The main components of storage tank includes Shell, Nozzles, pipes, Vent, Drain holes, Manholes, level indicator etc. They can also be with or without a platform at top. Provision is made for internal ladder, external ladder with handrails & safety cage, for easy access. Anchor bolt brackets are provide to fasten the tank to a base structure or a foundation.

oil-gas1Picture 1: A skirt mounted tank with a platform on top

The designs of Storage Tanks are governed by API 650 Specification: “Welded steel tanks for storage-2007”. Based on this specification the nozzles holes openings in the tank shell are determined and welding specifications are worked out. All fittings such as manhole covers, flange and cover plate thickness, bolt holes diameter and no off bolts etc., are also governed by the API 650. Basic shell design and validity are determined based on the formulae from API 650 Spec. The size, position, etc. for shell plate segments are kept as per API 650 norms. CES have developed detailed design and manufacturing drawings for 11 tanks in the range of 2m to 6m in diameter and 25 m3 to 175m3 involume.

Process Storage Tanks and Housing Structure with Walkways and access Platform


Water Storage Tank FEA Results
CES has carried out Finite Element Analysis for 30 meter diameter Flat bottom Water Storage Tank for one of the clients in Middle East for the reliability of its structural design. Sample pictures are given below.


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