Surface Modeling

Surface modeling is an excellent interface provided in almost all advance CAD tools and is used at Cadtrium extensively.

One of the greatest advantages of the surfacing tool is its ability to create Shell Model of a relatively complex mechanical structure or equipment meant to be analyzed in an FEA package such as Ansys Workbench. With conventional Solid Model the Simulation time is just too long and sometime it may not even be possible to complete the analysis unless the hardware resources are greatly enhanced. In any case, the Shell Model produces better and faster results compared to Solid Models.

Some easily moldable parts of complex geometrical shapes may not render themselves to be drawn to the desired precision level using standard solid modeling approach. This difficulty is overcome by drawing their contour as surface and then converts it to solid.

Automotive or aviation parts with complex contours can ideally be modeled using the rich set of commands given in the surfacing environment of advance CAD tools.

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