Wind turbine development and testing

A wind turbine consists of the following systems and combination of equipment’s to generate electricity from wind power.
1. Blades,
2. Rotor,
3. Pitch controller,
4. Brakes,
5. Transmission
6. Generator,
7. Power Controller,
8. A nacelle (housing to accommodate the above),
9. Tower,
10. Yoke drive,
11. Wind vane and anemometer to aid in achieving max output.

CES has developed nacelle structure, test rigs with climate chamber box for generator and gear-box testing, blade transport system and nacelle transport system for their overseas client in the past.

windpower1Picture 1: A typical cutout section of wind turbine

Nacelle structure and outer shell
CES has developed in the past for one its client a Nacelle structure with outer shell and spinner cover above the rotor and issued complete set of manufacturing drawing.

Test Rigs for wind turbine generators
Wind turbuine are installed and operated in exterme climate conditions like hot and humid region, dry and exterme cold condtions or in artic sea to harvest wind power. The reliblity of  generators are tested in Lab by stimulating the above condtions in a test bench fitted with climate chambers. CES has developed and issued manufacturing drawings for fabrication test bench for various capacities with or without climate chambers including access platform for operation and maintenance.

windpower2A typical Generator test bench with climate chamber and access platform

CES also developed a complete wind turbine test rig to stimulate extreme weather conditions and issued manufacturing drawings.

windpower3A typical wind turbine test bench with climate chamber

windpower4Some of the typical parts developed for testing equipment

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