About Us

Cadtrium Engineering Solutions (P) Limited is an India-based leading Design & Engineering Services company that caters primarily to overseas clients providing them assistance with Detail Engineering, 3D Modelling, Concept & Layout Design, Manufacturing Drawings Production, Bill of Materials (BOM) / Materials Take-off (MTO) list preparation, FEA Simulations & Calculations using industry standard advanced CAD & CAE tools.

In our more-than-a-decade long existence, we have served customers from industries as varied as Offshore / Onshore, Wind Power, Oil & Gas, Cement, Steel, Sugar, Food-processing, Mining, Aviation and Rail Transport.

Numerous Offshore engineering projects executed by us involved considerable design works on an array of top-platform facilities such as Drilling Deck, Skid-beam, Cantilever, Blow-out preventers (BOP), Rescue Boats, Helipads, Cranes, Derrick Structure etc., to name just a few. The types of Oil Rigs / Offshore Platforms we extensively dealt with are Semi-submersibles, Drilling Barges & Jack-up Drilling rigs.

Other successful Offshore Engineering projects included Detail Engineering & 3D modeling of Trestle Bridges (up to 900 meters) and Flare Towers (92 meters high) which consist of many Deck Structures, Jackets and Bridges. The Trestle Bridges serve to carry oil from Ship to onshore refineries through pipelines and discharge gases from refineries back into the sea through the Flare Towers.

Amongst Onshore, Wind power, Oil & Gas projects that figure prominently are Ship-loaders, Nacelle & Gear Test Rigs, API 650 compliant Oil Storage Tanks for power plants, pressure Vessels of different capacities and Smoke Boxes etc.

From process Industries such as steel, cement, sugar and food-processing, we have handled many design projects which are described in greater details on their respective web pages of this web-site.

In the Rail Transport segment, we have been particularly involved with the design of Lavatory Cabins and Vacuum based Sanitary Systems (Oriental and Western both) for High-Speed European Trains such as MML (UK), TER (GER), AVE (Spain) & TGV (France), along with one of our leading European co-operation partners. In addition to the Toilet & Cabin Modules, we have also provided customized solutions for Waste and Water Tanks Designs that fit seamlessly with the Vacuum Toilets of any type.

Thanks to our superior engineering practices and excellent in-house resources built over the period since 2003, we have been able to consistently deliver world class Design & Engineering Services for many prestigious companies located across the globe.